How healthy is your business?


You've worked hard to grow your business.

You haven’t been afraid of getting your hands dirty and you’ve built something to be proud of. Yet as your team has grown, your organization has gotten more complicated. Why is it that the more successful you are, the harder you are working and the more chaotic work is becoming?



Leaders who are committed to growing a strong business but are struggling to implement a solid infrastructure and get a high level of productivity and engagement from their team. Clarity3’s consulting and coaching services will help you drive positive change and growth in your organization, build out a healthy infrastructure and create a culture where people want to come to work and be as productive as possible.

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We know what it's like.

Clarity3 was founded by Heather Parbst (that's her to the right), an entrepreneur who previously grew, lead and sold her own business and earned her battle scars along the way. She now combines her strong background in behavioral science and organizational development, with her experience as a CEO and business owner and mentor to help other leaders navigate their roadblocks.


The Problem

As companies grow, they move through different developmental stages. To be successful, they must adapt to these different stages. Many organizations don't have the resources and knowledge to tackle these challenges as they occur. Often business leaders feel like they are dealing with 147 problems all at once, but in reality there are usually just a couple of main issues that manifest throughout the organization in different ways causing widespread organizational pain.

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The Solution

Clarity3 exists to help leaders and entrepreneurs navigate these development stages. We work with you to identify and troubleshoot the specific challenges you face while also helping you gain more control around seven areas of your business that, when operating effectively and in alignment, can best position you a stronger, healthier business.

Vision, Mindset, Strategic Execution, Process, Change Management, Data and People


What Clarity3 does for you


Our goal is to make your business healthier. Healthier businesses are more fun and easier to run.

Build a solid team.
Focus on leading your team, not putting out fires.
Streamline your business.
Delegate, reduce your stress and find time to relax.




Build an infrastructure that works. Create effective processes and procedures that allow your team to operate at their maximum level. Streamline your operations. Clarity3 can help you fine tune the areas in your organization that aren’t operating at their optimal level.



Three questions. Do you know where you are going? Is there a plan to get there? Do you know how you will execute on that plan? Clarity3 will help you get clarity on all three and will help hold you accountable moving forward. 




Your business culture should be intentional and purposeful. Learn to leverage your human capital and create a culture that attracts people who want to drive your company forward. Build systems into your business designed to find and retain talent.

Change Management


Change is inevitable and over 70% of company change initiatives don’t accomplish their objectives. Many businesses do not have a change management system. Get step by step guidance in implementing change in your organization that sticks.



As a leader, you set the tone for your organization. Lead by example. Leverage those around you to accomplish great things, and lead in a way that drives results while maintaining integrity and authenticity.  Get past fire-fighting and back to leading your team to success.

employee onboarding


Want to keep good talent? Onboard them well. Clarity3 will walk you through step by step to ensure you’ve set your new hires up for success.


...but we aren't ideal for leaders and entrepreneurs who...

We are ideal for leaders and entrepreneurs who...

  • Don't seek to improve
  • Want change but aren't willing to change themselves
  • Fear accountability
  • Think, "it's always been this way, so why change?"
  • Prefer to be reactive
  • Are forward-thinkers
  • Recognize that change is inevitable, but growth is optional...and they choose growth
  • Understand that a healthy business culture is a competitive advantage
  • Crave improvement personally, professionally and in their organizations
  • Are in it for more than money

 Heather Parbst, Founder/ Consultant

Heather Parbst, Founder/ Consultant


"I believe in the ability of one organization to drive real change in the world. Whether your company’s mission is to eradicate world hunger or provide an excellent service to your customers, you have the power to significantly influence others you interact with – be they customers or team members. Ultimately healthy companies mean happier employees and better communities made up of people who are more productive, more fulfilled and more innovative. These are the people and the companies that will make the world a better place, and Clarity3 is committed to helping them get there."  

- Heather Parbst, Founder and Lead Consultant

Heather Parbst has the unique ability to see the flaws in processes and procedures and streamline them, using either technology or good-old common sense...I feel she is an incredible asset to any organization that is striving to be more than just profitable or successful. An organization that wants to be AWESOME.
— MP